Thursday, July 3, 2008


I like my friends; I want to be like them. Therefore, I'm want to participate in the blogathon they are doing. Unfortunately for me, I'm already three days behind. So I''ll be playing catch up. This is what I should have written for July 1st.

I dreamed I was engaged to Mr. Darcy last night. This was the first time I've dreamed about it versus day-dreamed about it. Big difference. Many guys wonder what we girls fascination with Darcy is. Some say its just the his good looks, his money, and that he's British. (The 3 B's: Beauty, Bounty and British. Courtesy of Dave) While these are nice and admirable traits fully capable of making any girl swoon, they are not the reason we love him. He's a highly complex character. First he's resilient to the charms, and I use that term loosely, of Caroline Bingley. She only wants him for the 3 B's and does her best to prove that she is whom he should marry. By doing this she becomes catty, clingy, undesirable and a modern day witch. We admire men who can withstand the wiles of women like her.

Although Darcy is proud, once his fault is pointed out to him, he resolves to change and win the respect of Elizabeth. We want men who are willing to change and be the best that they can. We love men who treat us with respect and value our thoughts and opinions. He becomes humble insomuch that he endures becoming related to his enemy in order to have what he desires most; the love and good opinion of a good woman. He opens up more to society and learns to laugh at himself. I value this trait. We all take ourselves so seriously. Sometimes you just have to laugh at your mistakes and move on without letting little things get you down.

So guys, (I doubt any read this. If you do, leave me a note!) please realize that real women want real men. Men who are respectful, humble, strong enough to bear burdens, and strong enough to need us.

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Major Bubbles said...

I realize that this is a good month or so late in coming, but I couldn't resist leaving a comment. Though I admit that I might jest with you about some of the things said, I must say chap, well done, well done indeed. I actually watched Pride and Prejudice again last night, and would argue some of the points you made as far as Mr. Darcy's character is concerned, but as for what a girl wants, I'm sure you're much more versed in that than I am.